Barkalicious Bully Sticks For Aggressive Chewer


  • High-Quality Limited Ingredient Beef Sticks: Only one ingredient! That’s right, no fillers, additives, or preservatives. Just USDA-certified grass-fed pure beef! Our bully sticks are made from free-range, grass-fed cattle that graze on open pastures to ensure the highest quality beef available. These cattle are not given any hormones or antibiotics, so you can rest assured that your dog is getting only the best!
  • Highly Digestible: Mellow beef bully chews are made with one premium organic, natural ingredient. They are high in protein and last longer than rawhide because they do not contain any binding agents or preservatives.
  • 100% Organic Certified Beef – Our single ingredient bully sticks are FDA & USDA-approved, with no added chemicals of any kind. Just 100% pure organic beef! Mellow Barkalicious bully sticks features ONLY top-grade USDA beef.
  • Safe & Enjoyable for Your Pets: All of our dog beef stick treats are safe for your pets to chew on and enjoy! They will love these tasty treats as much as you do!
  • Long-Lasting Dog Beef Chew: Bully Sticks are the perfect treat for dogs of all sizes. They’re a healthy, long-lasting chew that will keep your furbaby busy for hours.
  •  Low Fat: Mellow Barkalicious beef sticks are a low-fat, high protein snack. Low in fat and with no salt, Mellow beef sticks feature 80 % protein per stick with crude fat at 9%.
  • Gluten & Grain-Free: Mellow Barkalicious Dog Beef Sticks are hypoallergenic so they won’t create any allergic reactions in sensitive pets or humans. And best of all? No preservatives! No artificial colors or flavors! No grains!
  • Non-Splintering SAFE Bully Sticks: Mellow Barkalicious nutritious beef chews are suitable for all types of chewers to keep them occupied for hours. Mellow Premium beef sticks are the perfect healthy treat for your pup. These low-fat, organic beef sticks are safe to eat and won’t splinter like other brands on the market.  Also suitable for anxious, bored dogs or those that suffer from separation anxiety or noise phobia to keep them entertained and calm!
  • No Splinters or Sharp Edges: Our all-natural beef pet treats are perfect for dogs of all sizes! They’re also great for puppies and senior dogs who need to chew on something healthy.
  • Effective Dental Chew: Bully Sticks are a natural and healthy alternative to other pet treats. They help clean your dog’s teeth while they chew. The chewing action helps remove tartar and plaque buildup, keeping your dog’s teeth healthy.
  • Natural Beefy Scent: No foul odors! Mellow Barkalicious bully sticks have no bad smells or messes to clean up after your dog eats them.
  • Vitamins & Minerals: Mellow Premium beef sticks feature 100% natural protein, full of vitamins and minerals. We only use the best in our products!
  • Promotes Healthy Coat & Skin: Our livestock graze on grasses high in Omega 3 fatty acids that help maintain healthy skin and coat. Your pup will be happy and healthy, chewing down on these tasty beef sticks treats!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Mellow Premium is committed to providing you with only the best of quality products at an affordable price. We hope that you’ll try our organic beef stick pet chews and enjoy them as much as we do!

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Mellow Barkalicious organic bully sticks are all-natural, high-quality Canadian beef dog treats. They are a healthy treat for dogs of all ages. Mellow beef sticks are made with organic, grass-fed beef.

They’re an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs because they don’t splinter like rawhide and have no foul odor. Our low-fat beef treats also provide a natural source of protein without the carbs or sugars found in most other dog treat options. The gentle chewing texture will keep your pup entertained while the flavor keeps them coming back for more!

Mellow Barkalicious beef bully sticks have no added preservatives or coloring; they are slow-roasted to perfection and crafted with vitamins and minerals. There are no artificial ingredients whatsoever, so your furry friend can indulge without YOU feeling guilty.

Our beef bully sticks are long-lasting and safe dog beef chews that provide your pet with hours of enjoyment and exercise while removing plaque and tartar buildup from teeth.

They can be used as a training treat or just an occasional snack on their own, or as part of a healthy diet plan. Mellow Barkalicious bully sticks are the perfect treat for your dog!

100% natural, high in protein, and a great alternative to rawhide. Our single ingredient bully sticks come in 2 sizes, small and large, and are FDA & USDA approved. The result: happy teeth, healthy gums, and clean breath every time!

Mellow’s all-natural formula is unmatched by any other brand on the market today. These treats are easy to chew and digest, making them a great choice for your pup of any size!

Recommendation:This is a dog treat, please give 1or 2 sticks per day .

Recommended for All Dog Breeds: Mellow Barkalicious beef sticks are recommended for all dog breeds.

Weight .180 kg
Dimensions 15.4 × 22.8 × 4.95 cm

Ingredient: Made from food-grade beef that is 100% organic.

Guaranteed Analysis: protein 80%- crude fat 9%- moisture 12%. 

Made from food-grade beef that is 100% organic. Mellow Barkalicious beef sticks can be used as a treat or reward, but they also help keep your pup’s teeth healthy by scraping off tartar buildup.

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