3 Ways To Prepare Your Dog For Your Post Pandemic Return To Work

The past 18 months have had an unprecedented impact on the lives of dogs and their owners across the world. Whether you were a dog owner before the COVID-19 pandemic kicked in or if you were one of those that decided that the lockdown period was the perfect opportunity to adopt a furry friend, there is no doubt that this strange time brought us closer to man’s best friend.

However, now after months of hard work on the part of frontline health workers, government officials and scientists, we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in turns of returning to work. With restrictions being lifted and more of us returning to work – this poses new challenges when it comes to our pets. Naturally, they’ve become used to having us around and separation anxiety is a real issue for dog owners. Thankfully though, there are some tried and tested ways you can ease your pooch into their ‘new normal’ situation. So, here goes :

Establish A Routine

Remember the dogs are creatures of habit and as such your sudden absence from the house is likely to cause separation anxiety. It is best to transition your pup to a new routine gradually. The pandemic has meant a lot of us stopped sticking to a structured schedule, but you’ll need to change this. Start by setting a fixed time for your dog’s activities such as walking, play, training and meals. The sooner you establish this routine the better – to give you furry friend the times to adjust.

Utilise Treat Training

Treats and toys are a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and remove an element of their separation anxiety. Choose good quality toys that are durable and keep them entertained for hours. Likewise, when choosing a treat for your dog it is better to go for something nutritious and long-lasting, rather than giving them lots of treats that they’ll gobble up fast. Yakalicious Dog Chews are a long-lasting organic treat made of Himalayan yak cheese. They aren’t only highly nutritious but will keep your large breed dog busy while you are busy at work. 

Tire Them Out

Another great way to deal with separation anxiety in dogs is to increase the amount and duration of their daily exercise. Kill two birds with one stone by taking your pup out on an early morning jog before work. This is a great way to help them get rid of any excess energy which is known to fuel separation anxiety and boredom. If your dog is tried out before you leave for the office, they’ll spend more time snoozing instead of agonizing about where you are. Regular exercise also helps your pet stay calm and relaxed. 

In short, dogs are highly observant creatures. Remember that if you show signs of being stress about leaving them, they’ll pick up on it for sure. This can inadvertently make their anxiety worse. So it’s imperative to remain calm during this transitionary period as you return to work. Following these three simple tips will provide you with a solid foundation when it comes to helping your precious pooch adjust to its new routine. At the end of the day,  the COVID-19 pandemic provided dogs with the opportunity to prove the old adage of being ‘man’s best friend’. They really did become our support system during an unbelievably stressful time. Now, the time has come for the role’s to be reversed. As a responsible dog owner, you’ll need to invest a lot of time and effort into ensuring that you find ways to ensure that your best friend is comfortable and ready for life in the post-pandemic world. While it may not be easy, it is possible so keep going, Good luck.

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