New Year’s Resolution 2024 Dogs’ Edition: How can your dog improve in the new year?

At the end of each year, we create a resolution of what we want to achieve in the new year. But, we focus on ourselves and our goals, forgetting our four-legged friends.

So, what if you create a New Year’s Resolution for your dog this year?

Write down the things you’d like to work on with your pet, the things you’d like to improve in 2024.

Not sure where to begin?

Here are some ideas you can include in your dog’s New Year’s Resolution!

Dog’s New Year’s Resolution

Focus on Healthy Food

There’s a great variety of dog food in pet shops and markets. But, not all of it is of high quality. So, this year, choose well-known pet food brands and organic, all-natural dog treats and food. Read the label to make sure the ingredients are natural and organically grown.

Don’t Forget Dog Dental Health

Many pet parents forget that a dog’s dental health is as much important as their physical and mental health. Don’t be one of them!

Brush your pet’s teeth every day and take them on professional teeth cleaning at least once a year. Additionally, use dental treats for dogs to ensure continuous teeth cleaning, especially on days when it’s simply impossible to brush their teeth.

Work on Your Pet’s Training

Continually go over your dog’s basic training as it’s crucial for a well-behaved, obedient, and happy pet. It’s also important for their safety as it can help pets stay safe in dangerous situations.

Apart from basic training, teach your pet new tricks and games. No one likes doing the same things every day, including dogs!

This year, commit to teaching your pet one trick each month and spice up your time together by trying new activities. Visit new places, go hiking, try out new games, and go to dog shows and festivals. There are so many things you can do together!

Schedule Vet Visits Twice a Year

No one likes doctors, it’s a fact. But, taking your dog on a checkup twice or, at least, once a year is paramount for their health. These head-to-tail examinations help protect your beloved fur kid by identifying underlying conditions and acting on time if any are discovered.

After all, early intervention is the key to successful treatment!

Make Exercise Part of Each Day

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. With dog obesity taking a big sway in recent years, it’s more than important to work on preventing it.

Keeping your dog fit doesn’t require an hour-long exercise routine. You can dedicate as little as 15 minutes a day and go out for a walk, play Fetch!, or jog together. 🙂

Measure Your Pet’s Food Every Time

Portion control is one of the keys to maintaining your dog’s weight. Measuring your pet’s food every time you feed them is the best way to ensure they aren’t overfed or underfed.

Use a cup or weigh their food in grams to be sure you’ve given them the right amount; not more, not less. Read the product’s label to see the recommended daily intake or follow your vet’s instructions to accurately measure your dog’s daily food intake for each meal.

Enter 2024 Ready!

Now that you know what to focus on in 2024, write down your dog’s New Year’s Resolution, and get ready for a paw-tastic holiday season!


⭐🎄 We, at Mellow Premium, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎄⭐


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