The best Dog Apps to Use in Canada

The best Dog Apps to Use in Canada

Taking care of your pet’s needs is substantially easier with the help of the Internet. But, with millions of different apps, it’s hard to find the one that genuinely provides value and does what it promises to do.
To help you, we’ve made this blog post with the top dog apps you can use in Canada. Divided into five categories, you can find the best dog-walking app, dog boarding and sitting app, dog tracking app, dog-friendly places app, and dog-training app. 

The best dog-walking app

Walking is one of the essential aspects of a dog’s life. And, with our busy lives, it might be a real struggle to find the time for walking your dog. 

The award for best dog-walking app to use in Canada goes to Spot Dog Walkers. With the help of their services and app, you can schedule your dog’s one-on-one walking session with a dog walker who has undergone a screening process. 

Their app allows you to schedule the walk to your own liking, including dates, times, and distances. You can also monitor the process once the walker arrives and receive constant feedback about the walk, including photos, videos, and even GPS tracking. 

Spot Dog Walkers is a paid app where you must make an account and opt for a package. Their packages include one walk, five prepaid walks, ten prepaid walks, and recurring, ongoing walks. Furthermore, you can pay by the duration of the walk – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and a whole hour walk.

If you like what you heard, download their app and start the process here

The best dog-boarding and sitting app

There shouldn’t be anything short of perfect for boarding and sitting, as you’re leaving your beloved furry friend in the hands of someone you don’t know. Rover comes into the picture as one of the best and most successful dog-boarding and dog-sitting services.

They offer five different services, depending on your needs and duration. 

  • Dog boarding means that a dog-sitter will take your pup into their home for the needed time. 
  • House sitting means that a dog-sitter will come into your home for the time scheduled.
  • Drop-in visits mean a sitter will check up on your dog, give them food and treats, and clean their litter.
  • Dog Daycare is a service where your dog goes out to the sitter’s house for a few hours. 
  • Dog walks include walks around the neighborhood. 

On their website or application, you can conveniently express what you want and choose from the numerous freelance sitters they have. You can look at their profile, experience, ratings, and pricing, selecting the person that seems like a perfect match. 

The best dog-tracking app

Dog tracking may be one of the best things you can do to prevent your dog from getting lost or stolen. The application that receives the number one place in this category is Pawfit, the most innovative GPS and Activity pet tracker. 

They offer the whole set of technology you need to install and secure your dog or cat, no matter where you or they are. First, you can get their Pawfit 3s tracker, with a bonus collar, charger, and a quick user guide. 

The tracker contains five features:

  • Location tracking – ensures GPS location and contains the “Fast Find” feature that updates the location every 5 seconds. Furthermore, it provides a flickering light to locate your pet, even when it’s dark. It also contains a 24-hour history, ensuring you can check where your pet has been, even when you weren’t looking.
  • Activity monitoring – an option that allows you to personalize activity goals regarding step count, calories burnt, and distances walked. 
  • Safety zones – this feature allows you to select five “virtual” fences around your home that will give up alerts if and when your pet crosses them.
  • Pawfit voice – ensures that you can give your pet commands, even when you’re not close to them. Due to the integrated speaker, you can play any of the five pre-recorded messages or commands to communicate something with your pet, even if you’re not around.
  • Additional benefits – a few more features of the trackers make it unique and truly the best of its kind. They include multiple tracks, family pet-sharing info, extreme temperatures alerts, remote turn off and on, and an audio ID tag in case your dog gets lost. 

From there, you could also get their software subscription, which ensures the exchange of information between the tracker and your application.

The best app for dog-friendly places

If you require an app that can give you all the pet-friendly places around you or around a town you’re visiting, we present you – BringFido

On this app, you can find hotels, restaurants, activities, attractions, events, services, and destinations. You can search by your current location or type in the place you want to check. You can also read the reviews from other users and opt for the best possible option. Lastly, you can also spend some time on the app looking at cute dogs worldwide or nearby.

The best dog-training app

Training is essential. Even though it works best with puppies, big dogs can be trained, too, if you start and stay dedicated. If you need help to train your dog, Good Pup comes to the rescue. They are one of the leading dog-training services, and with the use of their app, you can start the training on your own. 

The app gives you 101 basics on dog behavior and psychology, allows you to schedule a one-on-one online session with a trainer, and gives free 24/7 life chats with trainers or veterinarians. In the app, you can also make a personalized training plan that works for your needs and track your progress through check-ins. 

The Take-Away

Apps can really aid us and make our and our dog’s lives more manageable. But that is only true if you have the right app for what you need and if that app is good at doing what it promises to do. To help you find a dog app suitable for your needs, we’ve made a list of the best dog apps to use in Canada.

We hope we’ve helped you decide on the app you need to make your, and your dog’s, life easier and better. 


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