6 Activities You Can Do with Your Dog in Toronto

Are you planning to visit Toronto with your dog any time soon? Travelling with your pet is a great adventure and visiting Toronto is the right destination because this city has a lot to offer to travellers and pets. In fact, Toronto is one of the pet-friendliest cities in Canada with many parks, events, cafes, and accommodations welcoming pets.

But, where to go? What to do upon arriving in Toronto?

Here are 6 activities you can do with your dog in Toronto.

  • Take a Walk in a Park… Unleashed

Dogs love taking walks and running around in parks and that’s why, especially when they are off-leash. That’s why they’ll adore Toronto. With lots of green spaces, this city offers dogs a lot of choices when it comes to parks. While some of them require keeping your pet on a leash, some have designated off-leash zones.

High Park is one of the most famous dog-friendly parks with an off-leash zone. Located in the middle of Toronto, this over 160-hectare large park features a lot of cherry blossoms in spring, hiking trails, a lovely waterfront, and a fenced off-leash dog park.

  • Explore an Island

If you’re seeking an unforgettable outdoor adventure, Toronto Island Park is the place to go. Accessible by ferry, this park system welcomes visitors on four legs. It has so much to offer, from cafes and restaurants to beaches and an amusement park among others. It’s the perfect one-day itinerary for your and your furry buddy.

  • Treat Yourself with Coffee and a Good Glass of Beer

When your caffeine ___ hits in, go to “Dogs and Coffee”, a dog-friendly cafe that offers coffee to pet owners and snacks to dogs. It’s a must-visit place located in the Queen Street West neighbourhood. Apart from coffee, you can also enjoy a glass of wine or beer.

Speaking of beer, beer lovers can enjoy an in-house brewed craft beer in Black Lab Brewing. This microbrewery welcomes dogs and has even named its beers by dog breeds. So, you can choose between Kennel Sour, Needs More Dog Munich Dunkel, and Sticky Paws Oatmeal Stout. And, if you’re lucky enough, you may meet the black lab behind the brewery’s name called Snoopy.

  • Go on a Cruise

If you want to get away from the city, go on a cruise. You can book a cruise on the tall ship Kajama and enjoy the impressive views of the Toronto skyline and the breeze from Lake Ontario for 90 minutes.

  • Have Fun at a Festival

Feel like having fun and dancing??? Attend a dog festival! You can go to Woofstock, the biggest dog festival in North America, held in May. Also, you can visit the Paws in the Park festival, help in August. Actually, you can choose among many dog festivals in Toronto of different sizes and themes.

  • Attend a Dog Show

Apart from dog festivals, there are also plenty of dog shows organised in Toronto throughout the year. They feature expert talks, product promotions, free food samples, giveaways, and music.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of activities you can do and places to visit in Toronto with your dog. Choose some or all and plan your days in this city. And, while there, don’t forget to enjoy the impressive skyline. Watch the sunrise from the CN Tower or Sunnyside Park and take pawsome photos of your furry buddy.

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