6 Reasons Why You Need to Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

Taking care of a dog doesn’t refer only to taking them to the vet for regular checkups, feeding them with quality food, bathing them, and making sure they are active. It also refers to ensuring good dental health.

Their teeth need to be clean and strong so they can be able to eat their food and be in optimal health. To ensure their dental health is in optimal condition, you need to take good care of your pet’s teeth. To do that, you need to brush their teeth daily, take them to a vet dentist for regular checkups, feed them with the right food, and give them treats and chew toys that promote dental health.

You need to take care of your dog’s teeth to prevent:

1.   Plaque

Plaque is a biological yukky, yellow-brown biofilm that covers the teeth’ surface. It can form on the visible and/or the invisible layer of the teeth. After a few days, the plaque turns into tartar, which can’t be removed by brush, but requires professional cleaning.

Apart from causing bad breath, the plaque formed on the invisible part of teeth can also lead to dental disease. More about this later.

2.   Bad Breath

Dogs can have a bad breath just like us and for the same reason as us – poor dental care. Not brushing their teeth each day, leads to bacteria buildups as a result of food residues on your dog’s teeth and gums. The food particles that have left on their teeth and gum form plaque, which leads to other dental conditions like a dental disease.

3.   Tooth Loss

Irregular cleaning of dogs’ teeth can also lead to tooth loss. The bacteria that buildup on their teeth infects or damages the teeth supporting structures. As a result, the teeth loosen and fall out. Without their teeth (one or more), your pup will have a hard time chewing, which might lead to malnutrition and other health issues.

To prevent this from happening, you need to focus on your dog’s dental hygiene, especially when they are pups.

4.   Dental Pain

Dental pain can be a result of various conditions, including dental disease (especially if it’s severe) and gingivitis. We all know how painful a toothache is, so why would you want your dog to live with such pain?

Apart from living in paint, your furry friend will also starve and have mood changes. That’s why you need to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy.

5.   Dental Disease

As mentioned previously, plaque turns into tartar after a few days and becomes cement-hard. It’s not only impossible to clean it with a toothbrush but also causes inflammation and gum infection. This causes the gums to recede from the teeth, leaving them more vulnerable and prone to pain. Long-term inflammation leads to gingivitis and great gum recession, which leads to loose and falling teeth.

6.   Organ Damage

Falling teeth is a very serious oral and health issue, but it’s not close to serious as organ damage is. Yes, something as simple as irregular teeth brushing can lead to a severe health condition like organ damage.

Final Words

In order to prevent all these dental and health issues appear, you should focus on your pup’s dental health from an early age. Make teeth brushing a habit, feed them with premium dog food, and give them dog treats and chews that are specially designed to improve their oral health.

This happens when bacteria in the plaque enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. They reach the heart, liver, and kidneys, a condition called bacteremia. This condition can damage the organs and make your dog sick.

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