Dog DNA Testing: Why Should You Test Your Dog’s DNA?

Have you ever wondered if your dog is really the breed you were told it is when you bought it? Is it really a purebred or a mixture? Maybe you just want to know more about its ancestry, huh? Whatever you’re interested in finding out, a DNA test can help.

Thanks to science and technology development, now it’s easier than ever to test your dog’s genes. There are various dog DNA tests that allow you to test your dog at home.

But, how do these DNA tests work? How should you test your dog? We answer these and a few more questions about dog genetic testing in this article, so let’s read on!

What Is a Dog DNA Test and How Does It Work?

Dog DNA tests are genetic tests that reveal the dog’s breed composition, genetic markers, and genetic traits. Based on that information, they also identify potential health issues your pooch may face in their lifetime.

Most dog DNA tests work the same way as human DNA tests as they require only a saliva sample. They come in the form of a kit containing the gear you need to take a saliva sample from your dog’s mouth.

There are also feces-based tests. These DNA tests are rare and require a sample of your dog’s feces for the testing.

What Do Dog DNA Tests Check for?

Dog DNA tests check the genes of your dog to identify its breed and the traits associated with it. Hence, they can tell you if your dog is purebred or identify all the breeds it’s made of. They can also identify if your dog may be affected by a specific condition or a genetic disease in its life.

How to Test Your Dog?

Thanks to tech advances, it’s very easy to test your dog at home today. To do it:

  • Purchase a dog DNA testing kit online from sites like Amazon.
  • Use the cheek swab provided in the kit to swipe the inside of your dog’s cheek. Swab for around 20 seconds. Use a treat to make your dog cooperate, but make sure it doesn’t eat it before you finish taking the saliva sample. And, if you can’t do it yourself, take your dog to the vet.
  • If you take the saliva sample yourself, put the swab in the tube provided, close it, and prepare it for sending according to the instructions.
  • Send the package via mail to the lab of the company you purchased the testing kit from.
  • Wait for the results. You should receive them within a few weeks via email or phone.

Final Thoughts: Why Should You Test Your Dog?

There are multiple reasons why you should test your dog. Some dog owners want to prove their dog’s pedigree while others want to learn more about their traits. Then, there are owners who want to know about their dog’s lifespan and owners that want to find the combination of breeds their dog is made of.

However, the main and most important reason for dog DNA testing is learning about potential health issues. DNA tests can tell you whether your pooch is prone to developing a certain health condition or genetic disease. And, they tell you whether your dog already has a genetic mutation or not.

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