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Pets are part of our family. They sense our feelings and share our emotions. They are always there for us and, in these difficult times, Ukrainian pets need us more than ever.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian pets are facing a real hell right now. Leaving their home, their safe place, they feel anxious, scared, and depressed. But, the truth is much worse.

What Ukrainian Pets Face With?

Ukrainian pets face many problems as they leave their homes with their owners not knowing where to go. The biggest problem is food and the lack of products they use every day, including supplements, hygienic products, and grooming supplies.

Lack of Food and Essential Products

Feeling from a country in war, not every owner has had time to pack all necessities, even food. Thus, many pet owners haven’t packed their pet’s food. And, finding some is hard when everything is closed in the country.

Another problem is finances. As Ukrainians have left their jobs, they don’t have continuous income, hence, not enough finances to buy all the essentials their pets need.


Anxiety Is common among pets when they are exposed to stressful events, especially when they are separated from their owners even for a while, and loud sounds, such as those bombs make.

Foreign Country Pet Rules

Leaving Ukraine’s border causes additional problems. Foreign countries, such as Finland, Denmark, and Poland, have different rules about vaccination and microchipping for animals. The authorities of these countries also point out the risk of rabies, which is deadly for humans. Namely, there is no rabies in these countries, whereas this virus is present in Ukraine. Thus, the fear of “importing” this virus from Ukrainian pets in the country.

What about Homeless Animals?

If pets, which have someone to take care of them face these issues, imagine what happens to homeless animals. Lack of food, no home… it’s sad.

Fortunately, some animal shelters have saved (and still do) these animals from the streets taking care of them the best they can. However, their supplies are spent daily, and soon, they’ll have no food for the animals.

To help save every animal, a lot of individuals and international/foreign animal organizations have taken part in the rescue of Ukranian homeless animals. Some of them have been donated and the shelters have received food and other supplies for the animals.

The Save Pets of Ukraine Initiative

Among all volunteers and organizations helping to save Ukrainian pets, the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative has gained international fame. This non-profit organization is supported by the pet food manufacturer, Kormotech and has succeeded to help lots of pet owners and animal shelters. They have delivered 116 tons of free food to pets in need.

The initiative gives hope to all pet volunteers, owners, and shelters who need basic pet supplies. They accept volunteers and financial help, so, if you wondered how you can help save pets of Ukraine, here’s one way to do it.

If you want to learn more and/or support the work and mission of this initiative, go to their website and contact them.

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