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Dogs like to chew and it comes naturally to all breeds as a way of exploring the immediate environment and exercising their jaws and teeth. As such, it is recommendable to purchase high-quality dog chews that can provide these benefits. There are various dog chew products and brands in the market, which makes finding options an effortless task. However, not all offers are equal. Dogs also have varied needs, so you should focus on reviewing each product to determine if it is ideal for your pooch. Here is a brief overview of Himalayan Yak Chew, one of the most reputable milk chews in the market.

What is Yak Chew?

Yak Chew is a unique dog chew made from yak and cow milk to provide a cheese base flavor. Himalayan yaks, which can only thrive in high altitude, are milked by hand with no need for equipment. The milk collected from farmers goes through various natural processes over months to form a hard-smoky milk and cheese chew that every dog will love. The 100% all-natural dog treat contains no preservative as it features organic ingredients naturally preserved through heat and smoke. They are also durable, fully digestible and do not have any foul stink, making them a natural choice for many pet owners.

How Is It Made?

The journey of producing Yak Chew begins when fresh milk is collected from the farmers who hand milk yaks that live in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. The milk is then boiled, added with fresh lime and steered continuously for up to 4 hours. When white cheese starts to form, a large bamboo sieve (Chergang) is used to separate it. The soft cheese is then spread in a clean cotton cloth and pressed hard to drain excess water, which leaves solid cheese blocks that can be cut into smaller pieces. The pieces are smoked for four to five months over wood fire ovens, providing the characteristic smoky flavor that attracts dogs to Yak Chews. Smoking also hardens the treat, making it last longer. You can store Yak Chews for several years.

Benefits of Yak Chew

The merits of Yak Milk Chews are straightforward. Compared to bully sticks and other popular offers, these chews are a leap ahead, providing 100% organic non-fat hard cheese that is fully digestible. Yak Chews does not contain any binding agents or preservatives. It is durable than most offers and offers a non-GMO dog chew that your pooch can eventually swallow. Some of the unique pros of Yak Chews include:

  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Organic dog chew with no artificial additives
  • Lasts long and can be refrigerated for years
  • Safe and gets softer as they are chewed
  • No stink or stains
  • Low-fat high-calorie dog treats

Purchase the Best Quality Yak Chew

Yak Chew has quite a reputation in the market and is ultimately one of the easy choices to make when looking for dog chews.

It is crucial to purchase Yak Chews from a trustworthy retailer that can guarantee safe, healthy treats with no gluten, soy, carbs, or other valueless additives. Mellow Premium Yak Milk Chews are prepared using the highest standards and feature all organic ingredients. Contact us today for any inquiries about our chews and dog products.

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