Dental Care for Senior Dogs

Is your beloved dog getting older? Having a senior dog doesn’t differ much from having a small dog when it comes to your responsibilities. However, senior dogs require more attention to their health, especially their dental health.

Why Is Good Dental Care Important for Senior Dogs?

Senior dogs have a weaker immune system which makes them more vulnerable. Proper dental care can protect your dog from illnesses and delay the development of dental disease.

Maintaining good oral health is not difficult. Daily teeth brushing, regular dental checkups, and the best dental chews for dogs work a magic for your dog’s dental health. 

4 Tips for Proper Dental Care of Senior Dogs

Brush your dog’s teeth every day

Brushing your dog’s teeth twice, or at least, once a day helps keep them clean and healthy.

Make sure you use toothbrush and toothpaste made of senior dogs because they are designed to meet their specific dental needs.

While brushing your dog’s teeth, check for redness, cracked or broken teeth, and any other change.

Take your dog to dental checkups every 6 months

Younger dogs need to be taken to dental checkups at the vet once a year. Older dogs, on the other hand, need to be taken every 6 months. This is because they are prone to developing dental conditions more often than younger dogs.

Your vet will thoroughly check your dog’s teeth. If needed, they’ll recommend professional teeth cleaning.

Buy your dog dental chews and toys

Dental treats for dogs are designed to keep their teeth clean and maintain good oral hygiene. High-quality chews and treats are made of natural ingredients and provide your dog with nutrients they need to be healthy. They also provide an enjoyable chewing experience.

Mellow Premium’s dog dental treats and chews are made of natural, organically-grown ingredients. They are nutrient-packed, fully-digestible, and help clean yout dog’s teeth, promoting good oral hygiene. Unlike other dog dental chews, our treats are soft enough to provide your dog a pleasant chewing experience. They don’t break nor splinter, so your dog can enjoy their lovely flavor without any potential risk to their health.

Feed your dog a meat-based diet

As your dog gets older, their nutritive needs change. This means you need to adjust their diet to fit their needs.

Senior dogs need more proteins and vitamins. That’s why meat-based diet works best for them. You should also include some corn and grains in their diet.

The meat-based diet helps prevent the development of hamrful bacteria in your dog’s mouth. It also supports the function of their immune system and prevents serious health conditions.


Senior dogs need proper dental care, just like dogs of any age. However, due to being older, their immune system is weaker. They are more exposed to health issues, especially dental disease.

Fortunately, dental disease can be delayed by regular brushing, dental checkups, using dental chews and treats, and a meat-based diet. Having an established dental routine helps protect your dog’s teeth, overall health, and can even extend their life for a few years. 

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