Which Dental Treats for Dogs Are the Best (And Why Yak Chews Win the Battle)?

Are you looking for the best dental treats for dogs?

Choosing one of the many available on the market can be quite challenging due to the wide variety of options. However, not all dental treats are equal. They differ in their features and the benefits they offer. Plus, not all of them are nutritious or tasty.

According to the online reviews and the big interest in yak chews, it seems that they are one of the most favored types of dental treats by pet owners. Are they better than other dog dental chews? Why do dogs love yak chews?

Let’s find out together!

Are Dog Yak Chews Better Than Other Dental Treats?

Yak chews have one big advantage over other dental treats. It’s their combination of benefits.

Namely, yak chews are:

  • Made of high-quality, natural ingredients – Yak chews are made of yak milk, lime, salt, and other natural ingredients and are prepared in a pristine environment of the Himalayan foothills. They don’t contain additives, preservatives, harmful chemicals, grains, gluten, and lactose.
  • Rich in nutrients – Dog yak chews contain healthy amounts of Omega-3, calcium, vitamins A, B, C, and K, and protein and are low in salt.
  • Fully digestible – Being made of only natural ingredients, yak chews are easily digestible and safe for your pet’s stomach.
  • Safe for chewing – Unlike rawhide and antlers, yak chews don’t break into pieces.
  • Long-lasting – Yak chews are hard, but not too hard to pose a risk to your dog’s health. They have a soft, chewable texture that can withstand all types of chewers. Their durability is one of the reasons dogs love them.
  • Odorless – Made from natural ingredients grown in a pristine environment, yak chews aren’t smelly like other dog dental chews. In fact, their smell is barely noticeable.
  • Multiple dental health benefits – Yak chews help remove plaque from your pet’s teeth, keep their gums healthy, and provide them with nutrients.
  • Multiple mental health benefits – Apart from being beneficial for your dog’s dental health, yak chews are also beneficial for their mental health. They keep your dog entertained, thus preventing destructive behavior, reduce stress and anxiety, and keep them happy.

Yak Chews vs Other Dental Treats

Yak chews vs Rawhide

The main advantage yak chews have over rawhide is their safety.

Rawhide can break into large pieces which may choke your dog or harm their intestines if swallowed. Also, it’s difficult to digest because it’s too hard for your dog to chew, and it doesn’t soften. Hence, the rawhide pieces pass through your pet’s digestive system whole, causing digestive issues. Additionally, rawhide is often chemically treated, which makes it dangerous for your pet.

Yak chews, on the other hand, are all-natural and free from chemicals. They are soft enough to be easily chewed and swallowed. And, they’re fully digestible, so they don’t cause any digestive issues.

Yak Chews vs Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are much safer than rawhide and very similar to yak chews. They are made of natural ingredients, are easily digested, and don’t break. However, aggressive chewers may bite straight through the stick breaking it into large pieces which may choke them. Or, your dog may swallow the whole stick at once. This usually happens if the bully stick is too small for your dog.

Yak chews are a bit softer than bully sticks and don’t break under pressure. Also, they are less smelly than bully sticks.

Yak Chews vs Antlers

While both yak chews and antlers are all-natural long-lasting chews, antlers are too hard for chewing. Your dog may break them into pieces. If swallowed, these pieces may choke your dog, cause lacerations in their mouth, and get stuck in their intestines which would lead to emergency surgery.

Even if your dog doesn’t break the antler, they may break their teeth trying to chew it. They can also cut their gums on the antler’s hard surface.

Yak chews, on the other hand, are hard enough to provide an enjoyable chewing experience to your pet but soft enough to prevent splintering, teeth breaking, and other accidents.

Final Words

As you can see, yak chews beat the most common dog dental chews. They have many qualities dogs and their owners favor. However, their biggest quality is their safety. When buying a yak chew, you can rest assured your dog is safe while enjoying their tasty treat.

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