What can dogs chew on all day

What can dogs chew on all day?

Every dog has a favorite activity. And for some dogs – that’s chewing. From shoes down to damp bathroom towels, some dogs will nibble on almost anything that is physically able to fit in their jaw. And we all know how unsafe that can be. 

So, instead of going around the house and yelling after your fur friend, you can opt for some constructive chewing options. 

Stay with us as we name the best things for a dog to chew on. 

The natural need to chew

Chewing is a natural part of the dog’s nature. It makes them feel safe, protected, cared for, and relaxed. If you want to familiarize yourself with how chewing affects the body, mind, and behavior of dogs, head over to our blog post on the topic.

Since all dogs are chewers, you should really allow your dog to chew. But, instead of leaving things to chance, give your dog something good to chew on. Something that will benefit them, their health, or their teeth.

What can I give to my dog to chew on?

With numerous proposals on what to give your dog to chew on, it’s understandable to get lost in the options and confused about the best thing. Broadly, we can divide the best chewing options by the function they have and the benefit they provide. 

Chewing Toys

There are numerous options out there for dog chewing toys. Although they might be a great pastime activity for dogs, there are some health risks. 

For one, your dog can chew and swallow a part of its toy. Depending on the toy’s material, said thing can harm their health, even putting them at risk of choking. 

The next problem is the debris. If you have an aggressive chewer, chances are they’ll chew and tear the toy apart in no time. That leaves you with a big cleaning task and another fear of them swallowing pieces of dyed, processed, or potentially toxic materials.

So, to give real value to chewing, look at our other options. They are all-natural, edible options that your dog would enjoy.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are one great way to give your dog a healthy, natural beef meat treat that can be chewed on for hours without having splinters or hurting your dog’s health. The bully sticks from Mellow Premium are all-natural and organic products without preservatives, dyes, or additives. They are also low in fat and high in protein, making sure that your dog receives some energy without gaining weight.

And while all dogs are chewers, not all chew with the same intensity. You can go for two options, depending on your dog’s personality (and preferences). 

For dogs that simply love to chew, you should choose the Barkalicious Bully Sticks for Agressive Chewers. And if your pet is on the other side of the spectrum – likes to nibble but doesn’t aggressively chew on- the Barkalicious Bully Sticks for Lesser Agressive Chewers is right for them.

Dental Health Sticks

Dental sticks are the best thing you can give your dog to chew on while ensuring that you’re taking care of their dental health. These two-in-one organic sticks are carefully crafted to clean your dog’s teeth and tongue while protecting their digestive tract as they move through their intestines. To learn more about the importance of dental care for dogs, read our blog post on dental dog care

Mellow Premium offers two kinds of dental sticks for dogs. One type contains Milk and Turmeric, both known to help with bone and intestine problems. The other kind is made out of Peanut Butter and is highly recommended for an optimal intake of essential vitamins and minerals. 

Himalayan Dog Chews 

Now dog chews, especially Himalayan ones, are just the thing you need to prolong the chewing time and give your beloved dog a lot of proteins and nutrients. 

If you’re going for a Himalayan dog chew, it’s essential to choose the size of the treat based on the size of your dog. 

The Take-Away

With numerous things a dog can chew on, it’s important to make sure that the chewing will be constructive and protective for them. 

So, make your decision based on what your dog needs the most. You can also do a mix-and-match, ensuring that your dog gets a little bit of everything while enjoying their favorite pastime activity. 

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