The impact of chewing on dog behavior and mental health

Dogs chew. It’s in their genes; it’s who they are. And, no matter how bad it seems to us, chewing is good. It has multiple health benefits for dogs, especially when it comes to their mental health and behavior.

So, don’t try to stop your dog from chewing. Instead, provide them with chewables like chew toys and dog dental chews to save your furniture and shoes and support their need to chew.

How Does Chewing Affect Dog’s Behavior?

Chewing is a natural activity for dogs. It keeps them physically and mentally active, promoting behavior stability. When your dog chews, their jaw muscles and brain are focused on the activity, working hard to achieve the ultimate goal of tearing apart whatever they chew.

All that hard work is exhausting as spends your dog’s excess energy. So, they become tired and calm down after a while. And, that’s great!


Because it prevents destructive behavior. Continuos physical and mental engagement or exhaustion prevent your dog from making a mess around the house.

Apart from spending your dog’s excess energy, chewing also keeps them entertained. It’s an essential activity on days when the weather doesn’t allow you to take them out. Staying at home all day is incredibly boring and frustrating for every dog. But, a good chew session will keep your dog entertained for hours. It will eventually calm their mind and tire them. And, a tired dog is a sleepy and happy dog… and the owner is even happier. 🙂

How Does Chewing Affect Dog’s Mental Health?

Chewing releases endorphins, hormones that help relieve pain and increase the feeling of well-being. In that way, it helps reduce stress, anxiety, and loneliness. This is especially important for dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

When you leave the home, your dog experiences great stress and anxiety and feels lonely. They bark or howl trying to call you or saying they’re alone. But, if they have a chew to play with, it’ll take their thoughts of loneliness away and reduce their stress and anxiety. Moreover, dog dental chews and chew toys will help you train your dog to be left alone at home, easing their separation anxiety.

Chewing also is a mental stimulation to dogs. By chewing, they learn about their home, surroundings, and the world.

Final Thoughts

Chewing is often seen as a negative behavior in dogs due to its destructive nature. But, there’s nothing negative about the activity itself. On the contrary, chewing helps your dog overcome certain feelings, like stress and anxiety. It also keeps them entertained, thus preventing destructive behavior.The only thing you, as an owner, need to take care of is providing your pet with safe chewables. The best dog dental chews and durable chew toys will save your throw pillows, furniture, and shoes. And, it will keep your pooch entertained.

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